Thursday, November 1, 2007

Buffalo Loves Marshawn Lynch

And Marshawn Lynch loves Buffalo. The sad thing is, this video is depressingly truthful. In a related story, Willis McGahee can suck a dick.


Brendan said...

Great clip, great humor and line deliveries.

But I disagree with the truthiness of your statement, Wade. Buffalo is all about the local food and not chains. Pizza Hut and Dominos can't thrive in the city thanks to all the local gems. Taste of Buffalo is the 2nd largest food festival in the nation behind Chicago's, and the city has a fraction of the population as other contenders.

And I'd bet a larger proprortion of most Americans eat at chain restaurants compared to Buffalo, anyways. Not saying Buffalo can hold up to NYC, but I bet it could certainly beat a Texas or Colorado.

Also, I can't wait for 30 years when the south (east and west) is completely tapped out of water, and a city on a Great Lake suddenly looks REAL good.

And having survived the CA fires last week, I'd rather have a blizzard (that you can plan for) than any other disater-earthquake, fire, mudslide, flood, hurricane, tornado, drought.

/End Buffalo defense rant, for now

lola f. said...

i love that video. i can't stop watching it!