Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Criminals Are Stupid

A man in South Carolina was arrested yesterday for attempting to open a bank account with a one million dollar bill. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that he never attended evil medical school.


ShakenNeighborSyndrome said...

It's ridiculous, everyone knows that the only time a bill larger than 1,000 has been printed was when the government minted one trillion dollar bill, which they entrusted Montgomery Burns to deliver to Europe.

Wade Garrett said...

Haha, I knew I could count on Shakenneighborhsyndrome to supply an on-the-money Simpsons reference!

jessa said...

What is truly sad about this, Wade, is the following fact:

After you've been at the DA's office for about a year, you will look at this article and applaud the man's ingenuity.

People often ask me what it is like working with criminals all day. You know, wondering if they are really the monsters that people imagine. My answer is always this:

Imagine the stupidest person you knew in high school. Okay, got it? Great. Now think of someone so stupid that the stupidest person you knew in high school would be ashamed to be seen with them. THAT is your average criminal defendant.