Friday, November 30, 2007

Giving Him the Business

That video was sent to me by Paul Smecker's girlfriend, who tells me the referee's hand-signal is a remarkable imitation of Paul's love-making technique.

If I could be commissioner of the National Football League for a day, my first official act would be to add "giving him the business down there" to the rule book as a 15-yard penalty.

But that's not all! Apparently its not just professional players who like to give each other the business - its spreading to the Division 1 college ranks, as well:


ShakenNeighborSyndrome said...

While sort of on the topic of referees, what's up with those new NFL ref pants? I'm pretty sure the tux I wore to my high school prom came with pants like those. Their tragic!

On a slightly different note, how awesome would it be if not only could you order an Atlanta Falcons number 7 Ron Mexico jersey, but you could get an Ed Hochuli jersey (I just assume that the arms would have to be torn to accommodate biceps larger than any of the players).

ShakenNeighborSyndrome said...

Yikes, that should read "They're tragic!"

Wade Garrett said...

That'd be great! Also, did you know that Ed Hochuli is an attorney in the Phoenix, Arizona area? Apparently he's a solo practicioner who does civil litigation and probate matters. I read an article about him once, apparently he goes to the gym on the way to work AND on the way home from work, doing weights in the morning and cardio in the afternoon. I like knowing that lawyers can be total badasses, too.