Sunday, November 4, 2007

Is It Me, or Has Seinfeld Become Kind of a Dick?

The likeable, guy-next-door personality that helped make him such a success is apparently gone for good. Perhaps this was inevitable, but these days Seinfeld is a cold, distant, egotistical star. If he wants to sit at home and count his money for the rest of his life, I say more power to him - he's earned it, and his sitcom has brought me more laughs than any television show other than The Simpsons. But, honestly, his recent public appearances, in support of Bee Movie, his wife's new cookbook, and the the DVD release of the ninth season of Seinfeld have, if anything, disuaded me from supporting his new projects. In his two most recent appearances - on Larry King Live and The Late Show With David Letterman - he came across as a cold, distant, egotistical superstar, just like every other cold, distant, egotistical superstar in Hollywood. The likeable, guy-across-the-hall quality that helped make him a legendary stand-up comedian and Seinfeld the most popular show on tv - with more than 75 million viewers an episode at its peak - is long gone.

Here is video of his most appearance on Larry King Live. To be fair, King's question was pretty obtuse, but King is a notoriously soft touch as an interviewer, and Seinfeld should have seen that King was trying to give him an opportunity to talk about the end of his show, and didn't intend to embarass him. Seinfeld embarassed King, prompting CNN to take an unscheduled commercial break. Here's the video:

Here are clips from his appearance on Letterman (the entire interview isn't online yet):

Amelie Gilette's take on the situation can be found here.

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