Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Live Jenny Lewis

My crush on Jenny Lewis continues to grow. Is this what Neko Case would look like if, five years ago, she decided to just have fun and kick ass and smile and be sexy instead of getting increasingly somber and opaque and introspective and taking herself too seriously? Just wondering. Anyway, here are two totally kick-ass live performances by Jenny Lewis and her back-up singers The Watson Twins.


IsmaelTapiaII said...

Personally, if this is what Neko Case would have been, then I'm glad she is what she became.

Wade Garrett said...

The analogy is a little obvious because of their red hair, but I do think Jenny Lewis is in some ways similar to old-school Neko Case. Lately, she's taken her music in another direction. She still sounds great, she's just really, really serious. Rilo Kiley and Jenny Lewis are a lot more "fun," which is not to say that they're better.

Eric said...

I think they're both great. I'm sure that purists hate it, but the 'alt-country' genre has really grown on me.