Thursday, November 8, 2007

Two Good Ones from the New Pornographers

No special reason for posting these today, other than that the New Pornographers are currently on a kick-ass tour to promote their new album "The Challengers," and a couple of members of the CSD team have seen their shows over the past few weeks. The NPs aren't a band so much as they are a collective; a loosely affiliated group of musicians who all have 'day jobs' with other indie rock bands. Depending on how you count, the New Pornographers have as many as eight members, though its rare when more than five perform together at any one concert. Their current tour is unique in that all eight members are traveling and performing together. If you're a fan of indie rock, you can't really afford to miss it. Their touring schedule can be found here.
Now, for some music:
Your Daddy Don't Know

The Challengers

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Anonymous said...

"Your Daddy Don't Know" is much better than anything off of their most recent album.