Monday, November 19, 2007

You just got Jones-Drew'd, son.

This has to be one of the more satisfying football plays in recent memory. I don't dislike Shawne Merriman for the steroids thing as much as his lame, Ray Lewis-esque attempts to create an intenser-than-thou cult of personality for himself. Well "Lights Out," a 5'7'' tailback just lit your ass up.

(Even more satisfying is that this is a big hit done in the context of sound fundamental football, as opposed to someone like Roy Williams luckily getting a big hit after risking a 95% chance that he'll miss the man completely and give up a TD).


Wade Garrett said...

I hate Shawne Merriman for the steroids thing, his lame on-field dances, and for his lame Ray Lewis-esque attempt to create an intenser-than-thou cult of personality for himself equally. And I love Maurice Jones-Drew. Needless to say, this hit made me very happy.

I loved Dan Dan Dierdorf's call: "After he did the fake, he KOed one of the Chargers . . . Shawne Merriman! He knocks him out!"

Anonymous said...

How many punt returners can do something like that?

8yearoldsdude said...

I have a soft spot for merriman because it a Maryland grad. but he hasn't done much else to ingratiate himself.

I do think something is amiss in that collision. like merriman slowed/stood up once he realized MJ-D didn't have the ball or something. not that he is excused from getting knocked over, but it wasn't exactly a ballcarrier and/or lead blocker situation.

Wade Garrett said...

Hits like that one really, really make me long for the good old days of Tom Jackon's "Jacked Up!" segments on NFL Primetime.