Thursday, December 11, 2008

bad things

holy cow was yesterday a lousy trip home on the indie music front. Due to fundraising, I left my beloved WMBR (88.1) to venture over to WERS (88.9). I was hit with the double whammy of Vampire Weekend's "one (blake's got a new face)" and the decemberists's "valerie plame." jesus, what a pair of hideous, self-satisfied, nasal bricks. and I love the decemberists. I am one of the twee-est motherfuckers I know. man, it was terrible.

If there hadn't been a stooges tribute morning show complete with uncle tupelo's version of "i want to be your dog", I might have had to switch back to audio books.

And don't get me started on AIG's "retention payments." A grossly overcompensated industry is not helping its public image.

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Senor Beavis said...

People saying Colin Meloy's voice is intolerable is like the fucking Bat Signal to Senor Beavis.