Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just Like the Prodigal Son, They Return

Waiting the subway station to take the train home from work today, I took a seat next to a guy wearing headphones who can only be described as looking exactly like what I expect Brother Mouzone looked like as a fifteen year old. He was blasting House of Pain's "Jump Around" on his headphones loud enough for me to hear him two seats away. The thought that House of Pain is still being taken seriously sixteen years after their debut is sort of startling to me.

Full disclosure: In seventh grade, I bought House of Pain by House of Pain. Jake and the Inspector could tell you about a few other poor decisions I made in record stores in the early nineties. Fortunately, blackmail is a two way street.

Random thought: If "Jump Around" had been the first track on the CD, how many people would have ever made it to the second track? Twenty percent? Ten percent? Less than that?

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