Thursday, December 18, 2008

rock and roll all night, and make memos every day

Actually got off my butt and went out to a show last night.

went to see The Sunsets Quick, a band including one of springydog's classmates. I had been too lazy to listen to thier myspace tracks, and I was worried that they might be raw. But they were very tight and quite fun. The influences of of Weezer, Wilco, and to a lesser extent Pixies were very apparent. I actually mistook one of their original songs for a Pixies cover which I think speaks highly of them (or poorly of me, but let's not think too hard about that). The make good use of a horse-galloping cadence from drumming on the rim of drums that gives several songs a catchy, driving sense. I can give them an unbiased solid thumbs-up, worth the money, fun time.

We stayed for the first few songs of the next band Forsythe. They opened with an accordion/acoustic guitar duet featuring the lead singer, Emily Forsythe. This woman has an honest-to-goodness big time voice. She is maybe a little too enamored of Regina Spektor's current success using expressive vocal modulation, but she is the kind of voice you can hang a dream on. Their next song featured accordion, horn, guitar and drums that created this big, lush, strident sound reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel. It was excellent. Sadly then, the accordionist, Amelia Emmitt (who is listed as a member of Mister Sister, but that seems to be a Peoria, Il. rock septet), left the stage and the remaining members arranged themselves into a standard guitar,base, drum outfit that wasn't nearly as fun or interesting.

And then I turned into a pumpkin.

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Wade Garrett said...

I keep hearing good things about Forsythe, but you're the first person I know who has actually seen her in person. Do you know if she's made a CD yet?