Wednesday, December 10, 2008


1) I am currently about 500 pages into Don DeLillo's Underworld. It is amazing. People often compare Don DeLillo to Thomas Pynchon, which is bullshit. Underworld is the novel Thomas Pynchon would have written if he had more self-restraint, emotional intelligence, and compassion for his characters. Be sure to pick it up whenever you have the time to read a 900 page novel. One drawback - it isn't a very good book to read on the subway (which is where I do the lion's share of my reading these days.)

2) Tonight, as I was leaving my subway station, I observed an unwrapped condom lying right in the center of the staircase. I take it that no two people actually bonked on the subway station staircase, which suggests, in the words of David Cross, that there is some sort of sick, urban Johnny Appleseed who is walking the streets of New York, dropping used condoms, trying to grow a chud baby. Everything about this paragraph makes me want to throw up.

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Ivan Bravo said...

I am reading Gravity's Rainbow right now and it is starting to get really good. Granted it's taken me about 2 months to get through the first 300 pages but I like it. Guess I'll have to check that one out in a year or two when I finish with this book.