Friday, February 20, 2009

Neko Case

The proud, few long-time readers of this blog know that one of our favorite bands is The New Pornographers. On a related note, pretty much all of us are madly in love with Neko Case. Her profile in The New York Times Sunday Magazine is a little James Lipton-like in its praise, but captures her complexities and difficulties - a must-read for any fan of hers, or of the New Pornographers, or of, you know, good music.

Just for old times' sake:


Senor Beavis said...

Awesome! That's my 2nd fave song on that album behind the title track.

I concur with all your sentiments. Though I am a bit concerned that her solo career peaked with "Blacklisted."

Wade Garrett said...

I don't disagree. As much as I like her alt/country stuff, for my money, Neko is at her best when she's belting out rock songs.

Anonymous said...

You like Mass Romantic more than Letter From An Occupant? More than Jackie?