Monday, March 9, 2009

BVB's Top Ten

CSD headquarters gently suggested that I contribute one of these, so here goes. One of my "study" playlists skewed my play counts a bit, but I stand by each one of these tracks.

1. Spoon - You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb

Even still, I cannot play this song less than three times in a row. Double-tracked tambourine is the cat's pajamas.

2. Kings of Leon - Ragoo

You wouldn't be wrong to dislike this band, especially given the egregious sell-out, mediocre, Bon Jovi-aping fourth album. Even so, Because of the Times is a tour de force, and this is the best of the bunch.

3. Nightmares on Wax - "Les Nuits"

Just let it play; it's got a narcotic effect. But keep an ear peeled for the Pharcyde sample.

4. The Rapture - Whoo! Alright-Yeah . . . Uh Huh

I'm still not clear on how this song failed to make the Rapture more of a mainstream success.

(By the way, in digging up YouTube links for this post, I encountered a number of "fan-made" videos. WTF are these things? In this one, it looks like some teenagers got a sixer of Jolt cola and decided to film it. To be fair, if I were fifteen and had access to YouTube, I worry that I might have made one of these.)

5. Underworld - Twist

I am not on drugs, I swear. This song gets more cacophonous (Is that a word?) as it progresses, and the bassline is just goofy.

6. Groove Armada - Lovebox

3:30 into it still makes me stop whatever it is I'm doing.

7. The Beta Band - Lion Thief

I really miss this band.

The song starts at about a minute and a half in. It has a lot to do with the lyrics of the song . . . I mean . . .

8. The Strokes - You Only Live Once

Average band, excellent song.

9. Radiohead - 15 Step

Kind of rips off M.IA., doesn't it?

10. Orbital - Halcyon (Live)

I feel the same way about this song as I do with The Wire - I am jealous of people who still get to experience hearing/seeing it for the first time. My sister brought me this on her discman and handed me her headphones; I hated, hated, electronic music, but this was the track that changed all of that. The samples at the halfway point are still as hilarious/effective/mind-boggling as the first time I heard it.


Wade Garrett said...

Some comments:

1) I think the song in the youtube clip is a little faster than the version on the cd. Its only eight seconds shorter, but for some reason the version on the video sounds rushed to me. But the double-tracked tambourine is the balls - try not to tap your foot and see how long you last.

7) I second you on the Beta Band. Even a conspicuous reference in "High Fidelity" failed to make them more popular, which is a shame.

8) I've always liked the Strokes, and think they get sold short by critics, who generally look for them to show more edge, and ignore the fact that they helped save rock music in the early part of this decade, when Creed and Stain'd were threatening to kill it forever. I would assert that "visions of division," "electricityscape" and "size of the world" are all grade-A songs off of "First Impressions."

9) I love me some Radiohead. This is a great song, but if you told me that you would have a single radiohead song in your top ten, I would have expected it to be something off of "The Bends."

10) Great song, and one of the few recorded-live hit electronica songs.

Jake said...

The samples you mention on Halcyon & On (live) are super great (used to be my ring tone, before I discovered the glory of vibrate-only). It's interesting because the album track is really great on its own, but the live version takes it to another level.

lola f. said...


great top ten. especially orbital and the rapture. halcyon still blows my mind. when the samples kick in, it is just heaven.

this might be the perfect end to the 10 mile mix, eh?

Wade Garrett said...

Hey - there's a little Bon Jovi in there! In the middle of song #10 . . .