Thursday, March 12, 2009

campesino/hombre de negocio

community garden:
I learned last weekend that my community garden is directly across the street from a division headquarters of WR Grace. Yeah, like the company featured in "a Civil Action." It turns out that the whole region including the athletic stadium and the HQ is contaminated with asbestos and hazardous waste. Who knew? Someone I managed not to hear about any of this. frankly, it's a little scary. but thankfully after some research, it turns out that you can really only get harmed by air-borne asbestos, there probably aren't any organic contaminants (you can smell them), and any heavy metal contamination would be detectable by the $9 soil test offered by UMass. and any contaminants would be buried way below the 6-8 inches vegetables consume. so that means i can have my vegetables afterall--as long as Don Gately and his paraphrenalia stay the hell out of my garden.

backyard garden:
upstairs owner says he wants to roto-till 40% of his backyard to create a 20'x20' garden. but he has never grown veggies before. so we get lots of it. but I assume he will want our overflow. we are officially yuppie sharecroppers. our primary garden pests will be a 1, 3, and 6 year old.

we separated the compost out for 'curing.' that means that we took the stuff that is almost dirt away from the stuff that is still clearly carrot peel and coffee filter. the almost dirt can then turn into dirt wihtout getting mixed up with new, un-broken-down food. i am really excited for my DIY dirt.

oh, and my company has just announced furloughs--so we might just need that victory garden.

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Wade Garrett said...

That's true about asbestos - the cancer is causes is lung cancer because small dust particles get inhaled and stuck in your lungs for a long period of time, and cause cancer that way. The problems in A Civil Action were caused by contaminated drinking water, which, I would imagine, would have greater potential to poison your vegetables than would the asbestos.