Sunday, March 8, 2009

Roundball Rock

This video is well worth four minutes of your time:

Normally, I would call this "unintentional comedy," but the bemused, knowing smile Tesh wears as he "air dribbles" before the song suggests that he must, on some level, understand how ridiculous it is to play television theme songs to a theater of adoring fans while wearing a bad goatee and Seigfried & Roy costume. Then again . . . there's a disturbing lack of ironic distance on display during the startlingly homoerotic 'battle' between the guitarist who looks like Van Halen's bass player and a violin player dressed like Captain Crunch. With a video like this, there are plenty of jokes to go around.


brian said...

Oh my, too good. I especially like your description of the "violin player dressed like Captain Crunch."

Anonymous said...

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Have fun!