Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Scattered Thoughts on Television

1) Andy Samberg isn't funny on a regular basis. Once a year he hits a video short out of the park. Otherwise, he's just not funny. His appearance as the cartoon character Kathy was supposed to satirize how unfunny the comic strip can be, instead, it just highlighted how unfunny Andy Samberg can be.

2) Also, Saturday Night Live has to stop using Justin Timberlake as a guest star if they want the episodes he hosts to have any bite. He's hilarious, but NBC has a habit of killing off its hilarious supporting characters through overuse (Newman, George's Dad, Kenneth the Page, etc) and I'm afraid that's happening with Timberlake and SNL.

3) Everything I just wrote is taken back of Timberlake's frequent turns on SNL mean more appearances of Jessica Biel dressed as Jessica Rabbit.

4) I'd like to thank Jake Taylor for calling my attention to the highlights of Sunday's game between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat, in which Dwyane Wade had 48 points, 12 assists, a three-pointer to send the game into overtime, and a steal/1-on-3 fast break/running three pointer to win the game at the end of double-overtime. To quote Jake "I've never seen anything like it. I've never even heard of anything like it."

5) The Bachelor is a terrible show, and reality television is killing our culture. There, I said it. Sorry, roommates.

6) 30 Rock's been great this season, but what is the best season of 30 Rock? The second half of the first season is just about as funny as television ever got, but season 2 was more consistently funny. This season has been great, but Paul and I worry that the show is catering more and more to east coast yuppies - its almost as if NBC has resigned itself to the show's mediocre ratings and so is redoubling its efforts to become the water-cooler show for young big-city professionals, even if it means filling the shows with references that nobody else gets.

7) Does anybody watch The Office anymore? Its still funny, but it seems to have lost its buzz - you don't hear people talking about it anymore. Or is it just me?


Terry said...

I watch The Office, but I'm not sure why at this point. I'd call it "passable."

I think they ran out of ideas, so they decided to make Michael more buffoonish. I remember an AV Club interview with Mindy Kaling around seasons 2-3 where she said they always remembered that Michael Scott is not Homer Simpson. Now I don't think they make a distinction.

Anonymous said...

The Office is turning into Friends. Get used to it. This is NBC we're talking about. And if you don't think that its only a matter of time until Liz Lemon hooks up with Jack Donaghy, then you haven't watched very much NBC.