Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Conversation Actually Happened

Last night, two of my roommates watched a bunch of episodes of the Bachelor. Don't judge me for living with women, our apartment is very clean. Anyway, after about half an hour they got tired of hearing my sharp exhalations and sarcastic laughter, and told me that my behavior was ruining their enjoyment of the show.

At this point, I pointed out that they were being hypocritical, as all they do when they watch the show is make bitchy comments about the assholes who pretend to fall in love on reality television, to which they replied that it was okay for them to make bitchy comments, because they actually watch the show. So its like a Jewish person making Jewish jokes.

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Terry said...

Yeah, I was seeing this chick once when she had me meet her friends by all of us watching How Stella Got Her Groove Back. They said they all loved watching it and making fun of it, which they did, but when I made a witty comment they all turned and glared at me. So I shut up and pretty soon had somewhere else to be (which was actually true, the young lady had insisted I stay to meet everyone) and as I went downstairs to the landing the young lady informed me that I was being a jerk for not staying for the whole movie and getting to know her friends better. I let her know why I wasn't enjoying myself and had to leave anyway, so she started yelling. I told her to stop, she didn't, so I vacated the premises. She continued to yell at me down the street, and I stuck up my middle finger without turning around. That relationship didn't work out.

So yeah, apparently you're not allowed to make fun of chick shows with chicks around, even if the chicks are mocking it too. I don't get it.