Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Brain Training

Baseball has more interesting trivia and statistics than any other sport - my personal favorite is that Stan Musial retired with 3,630 hits of which 1,815 came and home at 1,815 came on the road. That statistic and more appear in George Will's spring training pop-quiz in the latest issue of Newsweek - a great way to test your knowledge of baseball arcana.

Some of my favorites:

Who hit a triple but was called out for missing both first and second?

What pitcher won 363 games and got 363 hits

Who is the only player since Babe Ruth to lead the major leagues in RBI for three consecutive seasons?

Who is the only player to be a rookie of the year, MVP, and triple crown winner?

Which two players won the Rookie of the Year and the MVP award in the same season?

Who is the only player to win the Rookie of the Year and Cy Young awards in the same season?

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8yearoldsdude said...

1. don't know
2. don't know
3. don't know
4. Frank Robinson
5. Fred Lynn +?
6. Fernando Valenzuela