Friday, May 8, 2009

I saw "Sugar" the other night. it is a movie about the integration of dominican baseball players into the american minor league system and the cultural friction that ensues. It is by the same people that made "half nelson." I have an undying love on half nelson which meant that I entered the theater with unrealistic expectations.

Sugar is an very good movie, if not quite the great one that half nelson is. The directors use their strength of creating long moments of grimace inducing emotional discomfort brought about by poor impulse control. most interesting, and underdeveloped, in Sugar is the way it explains how Dominican ballplayers who "successfully" integrate into the american system must be, in many ways, happy go lucky clowns to their teammates and the public. (think David Ortiz).

equally amusing and cringe inducing was my attempt to explain to Hilda, the dominican cleaning lady at my office who loves to talk in Spanish about how Miguel Tejada is from her town, that I had seen a fictional movie about dominican baseball. it was a farce of cultural friction in its own right.

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