Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Last Time I Checked, Sherlock Holmes Was Not An Action Hero

Or a bare-knuckled cage fighter who waxes his chest! And I've read the collected stories and don't recall him diving out of Parliament and into the Thames River, but its been a few years and I could be mistaken about all of the above.

I love Robert Downey Jr., and Rachel McAdams and Jude Law are both really good in everything they make, but none of that changes the fact that this movie looks like it really sucks.


Ellen said...

I'll give Robert Downey Jr. the benefit of the doubt, but this looks like "The Prestige 2: A Michael Bay Movie."

Wade Garrett said...

I want to know who the first person to throw the "Sherlock Holmes dives out of Parliament and into the Thames" idea out there, and what the reaction of the other people in the room was. Shocked disbelief is what I'm hoping for, but I doubt that's what he got.

And I say "he" because its a pretty safe assumption that it was not a woman who proposed the idea.

Paul Smecker said...

While the conan doyle stories generally do not involve fisticuffs, holmes is in fact described as a highly skilled amateur boxer, a good shot, and an expert stickfighter. Also, while the holmes stories generally do not involve action sequences, some resolutions do. Watson usually is armed with a revolver, and there is always a hint that Holmes has a blade in his cane. Also, the final showdown with Moriarty at the waterfall is a violent one.

Wade Garrett said...

Those are all good points, Paul. All of those skills are alluded to, but Holmes rarely if ever uses that, and part of his mystique and appeal is that he solves mysteries through intuition and the powers of observation, instead of by kicking everybody's ass. Watson carries a pistol, but he usually only uses it, for instance, once they've found their man and they want to restrain him until the police arrive. They don't get in shoot-outs or settle disputes in the octagon or whatever the hell they appear to be doing in the Guy Ritchie movie. I'll have to wait and see how the movie itself plays out, but the preview doesn't look promising.

What I'm saying is that, though there are individual action scenes scattered through the two long volumes of the collected Sherlock Holmes, the ratio of ass-kicking to detective work appears to be way off in this film.

Wade Garrett said...

Paul, your comment reminded me of something - there are about a dozen 'per se' weapons, other than firearms, which are prohibitted by the New York State Penal Law, and one of them is a cane sword. Isn't that quaint? Switch blades, gravity knifes, nunchucks ('chuka sticks'), a few others . . . and cane swords. When was the last time somebody got killed in the projects because they mouthed off to a guy with a cane sword? If you intend to kill somebody with a cane sword, do you first have to drop a glove at their feet? There should be rules about this sort of thing.