Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sidney Crosby looks like a 14 year old from a Larry Clark photograph with that mustache.

There is something oddly Munich-like about the the caps marching through a litany of old patrick division rivals.

6 unanswered power plays for the Pens. Bettman giveth, but Bettman taketh away.


Jake said...

We'll get them tonight. And then tomorrow!

Senor Beavis said...

How close are the Bruins to the front page of the sports section in Boston? Still next to the agate, right?

Battman held a press conference to apologize for the 6 straight power plays. He's sorry that it wasn't eight, like he instructed.

Fuck the Penguins! Cock!

Wade Garrett said...

What, you think the NHL is above arranging things to get its handsome young star into the finals? Why do you think Kobe wasn't ejected for elbowing Ron Artest in the throat? If it was the other way around Ron Artest would have actually been arrested.