Friday, May 22, 2009

The Things That Pass For Knowledge I Can't Understand

Wrapped Up in Books, the Onion's book club, recently selected Cormac McCarthy's 1985 novel Blood Meridian as its selection for the month of June.

I was assigned Cormac McCarthy novels in three different college literature courses - and Blood Meridian twice. it probably had something to do with the fact that McCarthy is Harold Bloom's favorite living American novelist and the junior faculty and graduate students all wanted to suck up to him. Anyway, Blood Meridian is really good, and I'm looking forward to re-reading it, in no small part because I get to revisit all of the marginal notations I made when I read it (twice) in college, many of which were penned late at night after two grueling rowing workouts and double-digit cups of coffee.

I mentioned this to Ellen (of Wormbook and Onion A.V. Club fame), who had the brilliant suggestion for a McSweeney's list -- "Incomprehensible Notes From My College Copy of Blood Meridian."

That idea works brilliantly for any number of books that changed our 20-year old lives in college but which we would read with different eyes if we revisited them today. "Incomprehensible Notes From My College Copy of The Crying of Lot 49" and "Incomprehensible Notes From My College Copy of Flight To Canada" may be soon to follow.


Julie said...

"Incomprehensible Notes From My College Copy of Ariel"

Adam said...

Bookworm Hipster Douchebaggery is one of the best labels ever.