Saturday, July 25, 2009

Disturbing New NYC Subway Announcement

Riding the Brooklyn-bound 4 train from the Upper East Side earlier today, I heard a disturbing announcement over the public address system. It said: "A crowded subway is no excuse for illegal sexual conduct."

Is it really necessary to remind people of this? Is the type of person who would grope somebody discreetly on a crowded rush-hour train really the sort of person who would stop because the disembodied, Moviephone-esque Voice of God told him that the practice was discouraged by the authorities? What state of affairs brought this about?


8yearoldsdude said...

I once saw a bus billboard in suburbdan New Jersey that stated simply 'Don't Abandon Your Baby.'
I found the ad silly on similar grounds

(It was an add for no-judgment infant drop-off points).

Anonymous said...

Look, some of us find the disembodied subway voice sexy, and this is to discourage us from acting on it during rush hour.

Senor Beavis said...

Well, Interpol did say, "The subway is a porno."

AB said...

I bet women get groped all the time. Twice got off the Madrid metro because I was being touched in places that I really didn't want to be touched by strangers. A friend of my friend's once grabbed the hand that was crawling up her skirt on the NYC subway and waved it around to humiliate its owner. This shit happens, just saying.