Friday, July 17, 2009

How Did You Find Us?

Sitemeter tracks the websites that referred people to Common Sense Dancing, whose results consistently fascinates me. A significant number of our visitors are regular readers who either have this site bookmarked or else enter the url directly into their browser; sitemeter returns a result of "unknown." A few high-circulation blogs, like Andrew Sullivan and Feministing, have brought large numbers of visitors to individual posts of ours, and A larger number of blogs written by our friends and classmates bring us visitorys from time to time. But, somewhat predictably, the site that brings us the most new visitors is Google.

From time to time, I check to see what sorts of Google searches generate the click-throughs. The searches that bring us the most visitors are:

1) The Sports Gal/Kari Simmons
2) law firm interview questions
3) David Bowie's clothing line
4) 'you know the rules, and so do I'
5) common sense dancing

Sometimes, a person will arrive at our site by google searching a combination of words, all of which appear on our blog, but in unrelated posts. 'Tim Tebow naked' was the first such search to bring a visitor to our blog; a few of my other favorites are "Doonesbury Analog Rage Choosing an Icon for Barack," "Jake Taylor naked," "Jake Taylor porn star," "naked Argentine men," "is Fergie more lesbian than straight?," "vagina pumping," "Hebrew word for titties," "sweet vagina movies" "i am no longer interested in things i am bored," "the Eel and the Sword," "holy Russian Empire" and "french guys wearing chain mail" and "instrumental cover of 'How Soon Is Now?' by The Smiths."

Other times, I find that our blog is one of the top hits for a term or a combination of words that I would have assumed had more written about it. Examples include "Eiffel towered," "Scott Stapp douchebag," "Scott Stapp thanks for the words," "rock the cradle over Michael Cooper," "student loan repayments for stay at home mother," and, last but not least, "hipster blogs."

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