Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Slow Blogging Week

Loyal readers: Posting has been light this week, because I am apartment hunting Common Sense Dancing is relocating its headquarters, and, in New York City, the search for real estate that isn't grotesquely miscategorized or overpriced is exhaustive to say the least. But its not all bad; a long afternoon walk in search of apartments led me through three beautiful brownstone neighborhoods, provided hours of great sight-seeing and people-watching, and some bitchingly good books and cds for a couple of bucks at stoop sales and the Brooklyn Flea. Along the way, I ducked into a couple of coffee shops for refreshments, and found them both to be the sort of places I would have travelled to get to when I lived in cities less full of cozy coffee shops than downtown Brooklyn. Everything - two iced coffees, a pastry, 3 paperbacks, and 4 cds cost me $20, or the price of a one-way cab ride to 14th Street in Manhattan.

To be certain, a lot of people would look at this afternoon and say that it represents all of the cliche aspects of Brooklyn's gentrification, but even if that's true, how is that bad in any way? These neighborhoods are gorgeous, and a tree-lined respite from the square miles of shimmering blacktop that make up the rest of the city. They should be full of people who take care of them and are proud to live there.

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