Monday, August 24, 2009

This Can't Miss, Vol. 2 - What Would Portia De Rossi Do?

Research suggests that circumcised men are significantly - perhaps up to 50% - less likely to contract HIV from having unprotected sex with women relative to their compatriots whose bulldogs still have their ears. (Apparently, this true of other sexually transmitted diseases as well.) Scientists and policy makers have been encouraging circumcisions in condom-unfriendly sub-Sarahan Africa for years. However, even if circumcising young boys is a very successful tactic, it would take 18-25 years for it to make any significant dent in the spread of AIDS.

For this reason, there are several different movement afoot to encourage adult men in high-risk populations to get circumcisions, one of which is called Operation Abraham - a terrible double-pun whose writer needs to get fired from whatever positions he or she currently holds. Other than straight-forward ignorance, a significant reason AIDS is killing sub-Saharan Africa is because, for a variety of cultural reasons, many African men are too proud or stubborn to wear condoms. There's probably no way to make adult circumcision sound fun or cool, but naming it after a ninety-nine year-old man who got circumcised as part of an Talmudic covenant with God in return for a promise that his wife would populate the holy land seems like a bad Coen Brothers joke; in the real world its just creepy and weird.


Ellen said...

One Laptop Per Chop?

8yearoldsdude said...

god said to abraham [circumsize] me a son/
and abe said, man you must be puttin me on. and abe said, where do you want this [circumsizing] done? OUt on Highway 61.