Monday, September 28, 2009

Easing You Into An Autumn Of Dick

Let's face it, Moby Dick is a thick book, and not everybody has enough free time to read a 650 page allegorical novel, even one that's universally praised. For those of you who would like to participate, but don't have the time to actually read the book, the Moby Dick audio book, narrated by Burt Reynolds(!!!), sounds like not just a perfectly acceptable substitute, but perhaps one of the short-list greatest things ever, alongside the printing press, sliced bread, birth control, and The Wire.

Autumn of Dick kicks off on thursday, October 1st. I'll be posting my thoughts on the first week's reading the following weekend. I hope you all decide to read along!

1 comment:

8yearoldsdude said...

all right, i'll read your whale book again. but go easy on the dick jokes.