Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Invention of Lying

Loyal readers, we apologize for the light blogging over these past few weeks - Common Sense Dancing HQ is approximately 24 hours away from having its wi-fi up and running. Until then, check out this trailer for The Invention of Lying. The idea is not terribly original, but this movie's awesome cast (apparently assembled from three of the short-list programs that make owning a television worthwhile) can only result in awesome. CSD favorite Louis C.K. will hopefully break out and become a star in this role, like Zach Galifanikis did in if so, it would be about ten years overdue. What are your thoughts?


Ellen said...

I'm in for Ricky Gervais alone. Last year around this time I went to see "Ghost Town" in a suburban multiplex that was a ghost town (seriously, there were only three of us in the theatre); even though I knew Gervais from Extras and The Office, I was still surprised at how well he carried the movie.

Wade Garrett said...

I agree. Gervais is one of the funniest people alive, and I would gladly pay $12 to see a movie he wrote and starred in, even if it didn't feature two other people who I consider to be among the short-list funniest people alive.