Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roger Federer is to Jackie Kennedy as Rafael Nadal is to Marilyn Monroe

Think about it!*

Also, If there is a way for me to possibly sound any gayer, please let me know.^

*I've spent the past week watching Season 2 of Mad Men on DVD, so I've got the early 1960's on the brain. There is enough going on in that show to fill a 200-page monograph, but, in a sentence, I would say that it is a phenomenal season, but not quite up to the unbelievably high standard set by Season 1, primarily because Betty Draper becomes one of the short-list most annoying characters in television history, and there's no other interesting woman in Don Draper's life (like Rachel Mencken from Season 1) to fill the void. But its still great.

^I wrote this on a Park Slope pub's wi-fi while drinking Stella Artois in a Park Slope pub, while watching the U.S. Open on tv while a Band of Horses played in the background. Feel free to call me a Bookworm Hipster Douchebag. A big, gay, bookworm hipster douchebag.


8yearoldsdude said...

one could argue the stylistic and personality duality you highlight has existed in men's tennis in many incarnations before (Sampras vs. Agassi;Lendl vs. Becker; Borg vs. McEnroe. But I like the tie-in the MadMen's Jackie v. Marilyn

Wade Garrett said...

I would haven't thought of it if I hadn't watched that episode of Mad Men the night before watching Nadal play in the quarter-finals, but once I'd seen that episode I couldn't avoid the analogy.