Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Emo evening thoughts

It is pay day on Thursday. I look forward to pay day so much, it makes me wonder if I still have a soul.

My uncle and cousin stayed with me to visit colleges. They are really nice, but sweet fancy moses is it tiring to have guest you aren't totally comfortable leaving alone to fend for themselves

I am part of an internet music exchange via Dropbox, and I feel very guilty about stealing money from undermonetized artists.

I think Lady Gaga might be a genius. Seriously. She might be the new Madonna.

ok, back to work


Wade Garrett said...

What would it take to make "Emo evening thoughts" a running feature?

Laura said...

I am also weirdly all about Lady Gaga, despite the fact that she is the opposite of the sort of thing I am usually into.