Thursday, October 15, 2009

emo evening thoughts

I object to the name Redskins on moral grounds. but there isn't a lot I can do to influence Dan Snyder economically. And ceasing to root for ones childhood football team seems like the self-conscious action of college freshman. I had an anti-redskins bumper sticker on my old truck. but then I had to get a different car.

I posted a yelp review of my dentist. I noted that she sometimes creates unintentionally philosophical aphorisms due to her imperfect English. I then became self-conscious that she would find the review and edited that part out.

I can't tell if Yelp is a beautiful outgrowth of consumer advocacy or one more obnoxious brick in the yuppie-foodie industrial complex.


Wade Garrett said...

I agree with you about the Redskins, but have never seen what the problem was with, say, the Seminoles or the Braves.

I like those customer-review sites, though you have to keep in mind that most people would only take the time to review something they either really love or really disliked. Nobody ever writes a 3-star review.

Senor Beavis said...

There is something you can do to influence Dan Snyder, but it involves those safety classes you've been taking, and isn't entirely legal.

A student asked me last week why I didn't have anything from my favorite football team on my wall, and I wasn't quite sure whether to tell her, "Well, their name is racist and that probably wouldn't go over so well. Not to mention I kinda hate everything about them except for the fans I hang out with on Sundays." I believe I said, "Their colors and logo are ugly," which isn't necessarily false.

8yearoldsdude said...

Depending on how old she is, telling your student that their name is racist and you don't approve would have been a great teachable moment.

but the obvious follow-up questions of: "when why do you root for them?" could have been thorny.

David said...

Seminoles and Braves are not racial slurs? The Cleveland Indians strikes me as a perfectly fine name. The Chief Wahoo logo does not.

Dan Snyder happens to have registered a trademark for "Washington Warriors," ostensibly for an arena league team he was considering but really in case R*dsk*ns was invalidated. He really should go ahead and change it -- for one, Washington Warriors is alliterative. For another, he's at the point that nothing he can do will make the fans hate him any more than they do already.