Saturday, October 3, 2009

Feelin' Kind of Patton

Patton Oswalt's new stand-up comedy CD, My Weakness Is Strong, has been playing on a near-loop around Common Sense Dancing headquarters for the past few weeks. My Weakness suffers in comparison to its predecessor, Werewolves and Lollipops - one of the short-list funniest stand-up albums ever recorded - but holds its own compared to, well, just about anything else. On My Weakness, Oswalt's humor is less gonzo, and more reflective and observational, but what hasn't changed is Oswalt's gift for killer one-liners which, with their evocative punch, rival the very best song lyrics. When a miscommunication results in a realtor taking Oswalt and his wife to a house in the throes of an orgy, he ends up "standing in a fogbank of twat juice." When he attempts to be cool at a party, the result is a "vagina-drying moments of failure." Of course, Oswalt discusses more than just vaginas - President Obama, Halloween, air travel, house shopping, childbirth, how the year 2009 would blow the minds of people living as recently as ten years ago - and brings a sophisticated-but-sincere sensibility to bear on all of it. Its a great cd.

Unfortunately, very few of the bits from Oswalt's new album are available online. Instead, check out these clips (which are a couple of years old) of Oswalt performing at the Sound Fix Lounge in Williamsburg.

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