Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Sometimes Shit Just Goes Bad"

Japanese People Are Weird - Watch more Funny Videos
The title of this video is "Japanese People Are Weird," but really, everybody in this video is pretty weird, and only a fraction of them are Japanese. Apparently, somebody scoured the internet for weird photographs, assembled them into a four and a half-minute slide show, and wrote a song to accompany them. The idea is so funny, and so simple, that its sort of amazing that nobody thought of it before now.

A lot of these photographs are just disgusting, but some of them have so many weird things happening in the background that it hurts the brain to even attempt to figure out when or where that sort of scene ever could have occurred. Consider the scene at 4:02, with an enormous obese man, wearing ladies underwear and a blonde wig, is loaded into an ambulance while two people dressed as Oompa Loompas look on in terror, a man in a business suit looks on, confused, and two people in bunny suits console each other by hugging. What the hell had just happened?

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Anonymous said...

Existential thought for the day: has any mouth ever uttered the words "angry japanese baby with a missile dick" in that order prior to this song? If so, who...and why?