Sunday, October 11, 2009

This Is Like Pulling Teeth

It is halftime in Orchard Park, and the Buffalo Bills trail the Cleveland Browns 3-0 in a football game so poorly played that the NFL should feel a moral obligation to provide the fans with refunds. Buffalo Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens has four catches - a season high - for forty-four yards. Going into today's game, Owens had eight catches for 158 yards and a touchdown.

There is little controversy in saying that Terrell Owens is one of the twenty or so greatest wide receivers ever to play football. There is little controversy in saying that, as a football player, he is aging and on the downside of his career, and that, as a human being, he is shady, selfish, and untrustworthy. However, there is also little controversy in saying that, despite all he is one of the best-conditioned athletes in the NFL, and still one of the ten best receivers in the league.

The two best football players on the Buffalo Bills are Terrell Owens and fellow wide receiver Lee Evans (who, going into today's game, has 10 receptions for 148 yards). Why is it not Buffalo's gameplan to get the ball to their two best players at all costs? Even if it means throwing three interceptions per game, or exposing Trent Edwards to an extra sack or two, why are the Bills not throwing in the direction of Owens and Evans twenty times a game? So far, Dick Jauron is the only head coach whose offensive game plan is more predictable than his predecessor, Mike Mularkey's. And to think, we could have had Marvin Lewis or John Fox.

Update: The game is over. The Bills lost 6-3 on late fourth-quarter field goal. The game was so poorly played that, at halftime, the CBS broadcasters were making jokes like "Seriously, are these two professional teams?" I continue to wonder why I do this to myself year after year.

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