Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hate Will Set You Free

I hate the New England Patriots. I hate how the referees protect Brady and never call Moss for offensive pass interference. I hate how Wes Welker's talks trash non-stop, and how his jersey is disproportionately popular because white people think he's scrapy and over-achieving. I hate Bill Belichek's smug demeanor and bad sportsmanship, and how he illegally used a camera to spy on opposing teams. I also hate his wardrobe of gray hooded sweatshirts, which is a deliberate fashion choice intended to say "I work so hard studying film that I don't have time to dress like an adult." I hate how Bill Belichek refuses to make eye contact or say anything to opposing coaches when he engages in the league-mandated handshake after games. I hate how the NFL chose not to punish the Patriots for Spygate, but will fine the Titans' owner for flicking someone the bird. I hated how they ran up the score against inferior teams, yet took no apparent joy in winning. I hate pretty boy Tom Brady and the bullshit hooded sweatshirt-under-sportcoat fashion trend he helped popularize. I hated how Willie McGinest used to fake injuries to stop the clock, and I hate how broadcasters never called him out on it. I hated Rodney Harrison's blatant cheap-shots, and how the Patriots' secondary got away with defensive pass interference penalties so often that the NFL made defensive pass interference a "special point of emphasis."

I love the fact that 'defensive genius' Bill Belichek did not trust his defense enough to punt the ball on 4th-and-2 deep in his own end, which would have forced the Colts to go 70 yards for a touchdown in two minutes against a nickel defense. And I REALLY love the fact that the Colts are 5-1 against the Patriots since the league placed extra emphasis on defensive pass interference.

No offense intended, Paul.


8yearoldsdude said...

David Wright sees nothing wrong with inflated jersey sales based on race.

Anonymous said...


Weren't the Patriots stripped of a first round pick and wasn't Belichick fined $500k for Spygate?

Paul Smecker said...

If you stare into the Abyss long enough the Abyss stares back at you

Anonymous said...

cheating is worth four middle fingers and a draft pick?

Wade Garrett said...

Anonymous is more or less onto what I was trying to get at.