Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Looting GreenPoint Mortgage

I am considering looting GreenPoint Mortgage.

In case you forgot, I work in a big subruban office park. It was supposed to be torn down in 2008 and rebuilt as a luxury office park, so the tenants were largely cleared out. but then financing and commercial real estate tightened up, so it just sits there at about 10% occupancy with two of the three buildings shuttered.

In our building is a large office that once belonged to famed subprime lender GreenPoint. They moved out in 2007 and the office was locked and untouched. it has been unlocked for the last 3 days, and I am considering looting it. In addition to a lot of terrible corporate art, there is a tolerable mountain landscape photograph. there is also a microwave and about 30 reams of legal sized copy paper. I have no idea who owns these things--the building management company or GreenPoint, but given that they have sat for 2 years, whoever owns these things does not value them.

I feel apprehensive, but I am not sure why. Is it stealing? Am I afraid of breaking the rigid norms of corporate culture? If I hang the print in my office, could something bad happen?

This also feels very symbolic--the act of looting a defunct subprime lender. Is this an act of renewal, of appropriating the mortgage crisis and making something good of it. Am I another vulture picking the the economic hulks for something I can make a buck on? Am I badly overthinking this and looking for larger meaning where there is none? (Probably)

I feel like I am in a Douglas Coupland novel. and I really should have read "Then we came to the end" to know how to behave with regard to the etiquette of drones taking corporate property during a business failure. But I haven't gotten around to reading it.

In my plan, I sell the microwave on CL, give away the paper, and keep the print.

Should I do it?


Senor Beavis said...

Yes. And leave a picture of a Mooninite in your wake. Even if they're perturbed, the Boston Police Department cowers in fear of Mooninites.

Ellen said...

My heart says do it for the symbolism, but my inner Ethicist says you should leave it be. Was it only unlocked in the past few days? Do you have any idea why?

Wade Garrett said...

If it was only unlocked in the past few days, then somebody with enough of a managerial position to have a key has been going over to the property. I understand the symbolism you would be going for, but I would leave it be.

Paul Smecker said...

honky, is you TAKING NOTES on a criminal conspiracy?

Paul Smecker said...

honky, is you TAKING NOTES on a criminal conspiracy?

Inspector Frank Bumstead said...

I am pro-looting. Seems to be a victimless crime. When you see a Salvation Army santa you can toss in some change and think "this came from the profits of the microwave, I am not unlike a modern day Robin Hood" if you need to massage your conscience, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. Watch out for cameras just in case.

Wade Garrett said...

Paul - That Stringer Bell reference was elite.