Monday, November 9, 2009

The Ten Best Internet Memes of the Decade

Its difficult to argue with Paste Magazine's list of the ten best internet memes of the decade. My love of Rick Rolling is well known; I may have made it #1 on my list, if only because "Lazy Sunday" would probably split the vote with "Dick In A Box." To be certain, "Lazy Sunday" made "Dick In A Box" possible, but "Dick In A Box" is the biggest viral video of all time, and it seems silly to leave it off of the list.

Paste Magazine's List of the Top Ten Internet Memes of the Decade

The Jill and Kevin wedding dance video is a personal favorite of mine; not only is the dance itself a lot of fun, but Jill and Kevin and their wholesome midwestern adorableness brings back all sorts of sentimental memories that I didn't really know that I had, and Paste's color commentary (It's the coolest nuptial ceremony since Slash stormed out of the church in the "November Rain" video and ripped a mournful guitar solo" is a homerun.