Sunday, November 22, 2009

You Are Not Allowed To Pay Us Back In Clunkers

This season of Saturday Night Live has been pretty disappointing, but last night's episode was pretty funny. Weird, but funny. The cold open, press conference in which the Chinese Premier lectures President Obama on how the United States spends its federal budget, and turns it into a running joke that I kept expecting to run out of steam, but which never did. The rest of the episode was pretty hit-and-miss -it was good to see another installment of Andy Samberg's 'Mellow Show', but the homoerotic digital short idea is pretty played out at this point. I won't dwell too much on the skits that fell flat; even in its prime, Saturday Night Live was wildly uneven, and had almost as many failed skits as funny ones. What makes an episode of Saturday Night Live memorable is how funny its funniest skits are (does anybody remember any of the other skits from the "Dick In A Box" episode?), not how consistently funny it is, and the funniest skits last night were the funniest I've seen all season.

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