Friday, November 13, 2009

You are not the cosmos

I like N+1 generally. it is smart (or at least complicated) and mildly topical, if self-involved. But that self-involvement has reached new and terrifying heights. On the n+1 website, which contains about 10 articles there are TWO articles intellectualizing Brooklyn gentrification. There are certainly some interesting ideas here, and the imagination of the "real" past and the post-lapsarian present is a useful idea in America generally. And calling out your fellow Brooklynites on thier various levels of self-delusion and hypocrisy as they promote a culture of authenticity probably feels incredibly necessary. But you have to look a little more broadly. This is why the rest of the country thinks you are self-involved navel-gazers.

discussion of brooklyn gentrification fiction with a focus on amy sohn and an indictment of jonathan letham

Discussion of gentrification using the wire and SATC

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