Thursday, December 17, 2009

Autumn of Dick - Week 9

As much as I enjoy posting to this blog, real life takes priority. This week is one of those weeks. I do not intend to give this week's reading less than its due, but there were a few more well-written passages about whaling that were only tangentially related to the plot of the book, and an interesting 'gam' with the Samuel Enderby, a British ship whose captain had lost his arm to Moby Dick, much like the Pequod's Ahab had lost his leg. However, the captain of the Samuel Enderby does not share Ahab's thirst for vengence, and Ahab's madness is highlighted in our eyes by his comparison to the other captain, who, to a neutral observed, had every bit as much of a right to want revenge. Again, a bad sign for the Pequod and its crew. My guess is that Moby Dick is soon to make an appearance - the plot seems to have been building up to it for some time now.