Thursday, December 24, 2009

Five Holiday Wishes

Without really intending to do so, I have turned this blog into a Steve Martin tribute site over the past couple of weeks. Really, its a coincidence - I just happened to read this month, which happened to coincide with Christmas, which Steve Martin seems to have a particular talent for exploiting for laughs. His "Holiday Wish" sketch from 1986 is a short-list Christmas classic, but because of NBC's byzantine office politics, was difficult to find for many years. (Lorne Michaels left Saturday Night Live for the 1985-86 season and, though he eventually returned, has always gone out of his way to avoid excluding skits from that season in SNL's various "best of" collections.) Thanks to the miracle of Hulu, it is now online and available to be viewed at any time, without Lorne Michaels' gatekeeping.

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