Sunday, January 10, 2010

in which i complain about middlebrow pop culture, much of which is liked by wade

1901 just makes me think of cadillacs.

I read Then We Came To The End by Joshua Ferris. It wasn't satisfying. I really enjoyed the first fifty pages; it was exciting to read an account of how strange, sad, and neurotic office workers are. but the book failed to deliver. his desire to show how isolated people are made it impossible to have any meaningful characters or make me continue to care what happened. The book wound up seeming gimmicky.

I saw avatar last night. (Maybe spoilers to follow) it was strangely both awesome and stupid at the same was odd to have a movie that so nakedly had no new ideas, but was able to rely strictly on technical expertise/expense to be awesome. the plot is a mishmash of star wars (the end of the air battle), the matrix, and fern gully. The idea that our best vision of outer space consists of shapes and concepts taken from the undersea is not a novel one. and the idea that all natural beings are plug and play hardware that can linked via USB is a little anthrocentric is not gamer-centric. however, the technology to create the movie is awesome enough that it is good fun.

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Wade Garrett said...

Its funny that you posted this today, because I am actually about to begin re-reading Then We Came To The End, for the AV Club's "Wrapped Up In Books" book club.

I really enjyoed it the first time around - I found it to be geniunely sad, and I think it is a pretty insightful satire in a lot of ways. I've felt close to a lot of my colleagues over the years, only to find that, outside of work, we don't have much to talk about. Then We Came To The End did a good job of showing that people have a work personality that's seperate from their regular personality, whether they realize it or not.