Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Does Not Bode Well

Over the past couple of days, the San Diego Chargers released future Hall of Fame running back LaDainian Tomlinson and former all-star and NFL yards from scrimmage leader Brian Westbrook was released by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Both players have had great careers, but both are past their prime, and commentators have discussed how teams are no longer willing to take chances on thirty-year old running backs who have taken a lot of hits over the years. That's a little depressing for me, because I turn thirty in a couple of weeks, but my primary concern is that one of these two players is going to end up on the Buffalo Bills.

If you're a football fan, tell me if this chain of events would surprise you: the Bills sign LT, the Buffalo News runs about 50 articles along the lines of: "You should be excited because the Bills just signed a future Hall of Famer", LT averages 3.7 yards per carry and takes 200 carries away from Fred Jackson, the Bills undervalue Fred Jackson because he didn't touch the ball enough, Jackson rushes for 1300 yards for another team in 2011.

Seriously, what are the odds that this will happen? Can we place bets on this? If not, is it because nobody would willing to bet against this happening?


Mikey said...

There's this slow path of life as you realize different professions are now closed to you. Not only that you don't have the training to be good, but that even if you did, you'd be washed up.

At least there's curling. I think if I picked it up tomorrow, and got really serious about it, I could make a run at competing in the 2018 games, at least.

8yearoldsdude said...

Dan Snyder has that twinkle in his eye. that stupid stupid twinkle.

LT will fit in beautifully next to deion Sanders, stanley richard, adam archuleta, and dan wilkinson, on our shelf of overpaid, over-the-hill superstars

Keith McKeller said...

Yeah, I don't think the Bills are quite that dumb. TO was a worthwhile gamble because our receiving corps was so bad and it was only a 1-year deal. I think the Bills know what they have in Fred Jackson (and have proven that by naming him starter over a former #12 overall pick). Plus, they have so many other needs that if they sign an RB, it will probably only be as a result of releasing/trading Marshawn Lynch.

Fletch said...

I was going to say, the chances that one of those players winds up with the 'Skins is 75%. The chance that they both end up in DC...1 in 3. All to share time with Portis' dead body.

Senor Beavis said...

Dan Snyder's yearly affront to Skins fans will not include LT. Jimmy Clausen, however, is another story.

Wade Garrett said...

I think the Redskins would go for Brian Westbrook, because he seems to have more left than Tomlinson at this point. But I could be wrong.

Apparently, the Charges are letting Darren Sproles leave in free agency. Heaven help us if he ends up on the Patriots, Colts, or Packers.