Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don't You Hate It When This Happens?

Brooklyn Decker sure seems to be in a good mood, which is funny because I hate it when my swimsuit breaks and I have to cover my boobs with my arm for the rest of the day. Nothing will ruin a beautiful day at the beach faster than that! Oh, I just hate it when that happens!


Ivan Bravo said...


Wade are you really going to mock that? Come on. I can understand having an issue with beautiful women in little to mostly no clothes being in a "sports" magazine. But in my opinion Miss Decker up there is all that is right with our oversexed, misguided, naive, immature, and unrealistic demographic. Oh and if you'd also like to follow her on twitter it's @brooklyndecker but I guess you probably wouldn't want to see super cute firsthand pictures of Brooklyn and her attainable girlfriends.

Wade Garrett said...

Don't get me wrong - the fact that the photo is ridiculous doesn't make me admire her any less!