Tuesday, February 2, 2010

emo evening thoughts

This webcomic from A softer world describes the current state of emo

Both the washing machine and the dishwasher froze this weekend. The secret downsides of quaint victorian housing stock rears its head

I really felt for Taylor Swift during her heinous grammy performance, but you can't bring game that weak on a stage that big. Sometimes lip-synching is the better part of valor. and Rhiannon is about 14th on the list of Fleetwood Mac song I would have picked. (I know I know it showcases female vocals, but it is still boring).


Wade Garrett said...

The amount of lip-synching that goes on at those awards shows, and at most big mainstream pop concerts, is really unbelievable. I saw Britney Spears in college once (don't judge me, the ticket was free and she was still one of the sexiest women alive) and you could hear when she switched from the tape to live vocals - once every several songs, at most.

Ellen said...

I guess they could have picked something a little easier... but she's a professional! Her whole reputation is built on not being a Miley Cyrus so she should be able to sing better than one. I could have done just as well based on that one year when I was subjected to "The Dance" every day.

Still judging you, Wade.

8yearoldsdude said...

Wade, my contention is that sometimes you have to know when you are going to suck and use lyp-synch. it is more defensible for spears' shows because they are so dance heavy. you can't sing effectively and perform an aerobically taxing routine at the same time.

Ell, I agree she is a professional and I was shocked at the poor performance. I agree that this revealed a huge crack in the emotionally-knowledgable everygirl image Taylor works so well. but I can still feel sorry for her as human who screwed up on a global stage (see Peterson, Adrian).

Senor Beavis said...

Practicing the song instead of working John Mayer's disease-encrusted penis probably would have helped too.

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