Tuesday, February 16, 2010

emo evening thoughts

Boarder X is a crappy olympic sport. it isn't very interesting or subtle, because it is so difficult to pass that the leader out of the gate wins >85% of the time. this is what happens when you allow sports invented in the X games into the olympics.

I think the test of whether you are an adult is whether snow is fun or a pain in the ass.

is it moral to email people who have radically overpriced their used furniture on craigslist to inform them of this fact. I am somehow offended by people who do not understand depreciation.


Fletch said...

Its the NASCAR effect. the wrecks in snowboard x bring in the crowds. who cares if the fast starter wins, if you make it through the qualifying rounds, you've got a 3 in 4 chance of being in the lead for one of your starts.

Wade Garrett said...

My guess is that the sport's simplicity is a big part of its appeal. Also, people think that it looks cool. You don't need to know anything about snowboard cross to watch a race. Unfortunately a lot of casual sports fans, or even relatively serious sports fans don't have much of a context for hockey, or for several of the other winter sports. This is true even of people like my ex-girlfriend's brother and father, who like football and basketball and LOVE gold but just never had the exposure or interest to develop an appreciation for hockey. The same is probably true of a lot of other winter sports. People see that one person crosses the finish line faster than another, but, just by watching for a couple of minutes every four years, they can't tell why one speed skater is facter than another. In snowboard cross, there really isn't a complicated reason by one is better than another, so its easier for casual fans to appreciate.

Terry said...

I think it's fine to email people on craigslist to tell them their prices are too high, but more along the lines of "this struck me as really high, if it's not selling you might want to knock it down to the $___ range" and less along the lines of "I am offended that you do not understand depreciation."

Similarly, I sometimes wonder if it's moral to see a flyer selling something, think that there's no way they're going to sell it in time ("Couch! $500 OBO! Must go today!") and offer something like $20 for it. I figure if they say OBO then there's no problem with me lowballing them. But I'm not sure.

Senor Beavis said...

And the train conducter says, "Take a break, Boarder X."