Tuesday, February 23, 2010

not-especially-emo olympic thoughts

I know the victory of canada in men's hockey is meaningless, but god, do i love beating canada at hockey. it's like beating mexico at soccer. it is so emotional for them.

i'm on team pluschenko. you should have to hit a quad to win the men's individual gold in figure skating

aerials in the sky when you lose small mind you free your life (yes, I make that joke every four years)

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Wade Garrett said...

Beating Canada in hockey is always fun, but its especially fun when the game is as exciting as sunday night's contest. I jumped off of my couch when they scored the open-net goal.

I keep changing my mind on the quad issue. I don't think you should be required to do one to win, but it should be weighted so heavily that, if you don't do one and still want to win the gold medal, you basically have to throw a no-hitter with the rest of your routine and the quad jumper has to slip up somehow.