Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend Links

The Internet has a lot of stuff on it! Here's what we've been looking at this week:

CSD favorite Jonathan Lethem gives a lengthy interview with KCRW radio, about his new novel Chronic City.

The website Selleck Waterfall Sandwich consists of a bunch of photoshopped images of waterfalls with Tom Selleck and sandwiches superimposed onto them. Is it weird? Of course. Is it an enormous waste of time? Yes, that goes without saying.

Thanks to Josh Modell of the AV Club for posting Alec Baldwin's great speech from Glengary Glen Ross.

I'm not as into web comics as Paul Smecker or The Inspector, but a friend turned me on to The Oatmeal and its pretty rad so far.

The sociological value of the New York Times' peek into Netflix queues is off the charts.

And, bringing back a bit of a CSD tradition, here's a just-because-its-awesome music clip: "Girlfriend Is Better," by The Talking Heads, from Stop Making Sense.


Ben said...

I can see why you like David Byrne so much, Wade - he's the only person I've seen who dances like you do.

Senor Beavis said...

Friend: "Wow, my suit looks huge on me. I must have lost weight in the last year."
Me: "Tell them you're rocking the David Byrne look."