Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Links

Here's what we've been reading and watching this week:

The Onion AV Club has an interesting feature, "Falling Out of Love Hard," on art that they loved when it was first released, but have changed their minds about over the years. I could probably come up with an extensive list, but Todd VanDerWerff's selection of American Beauty would probably be at the top of my list. That movie premiered at the Yale Film Society (its producer was a member of the YFS when he was in college) and, as a pissed-off nineteen year-old, that movie seemed to capture what it meant to be misunderstood, and to show exactly the sort of mundane suburban lifestyle I would have done anything in my power to avoid. Five years later, I watched it with a girl I was dating at the time, and, though the cinematography and acting was still first-rate, the dialogue seemed stilted and play-like, and the plot so melodramatic, that I wondered why I loved it so much in the first place.

The New Yorker ran a great short story, "The Fjord of Killary," by Kevin Barry.

Home Boy, a blog written by a 27 year old Georgetown law school graduate from who finds himself unemployed and living with his parents in Buffalo after the economic downturn hits the legal market.

President Obama is too cool and likable for Saturday Night Live to impersonate him too much. Rahm Emmanuel, on the other hand, is a great politician to impersonate, and Andy Samberg knocks it out of the park.

CSD favorite someecards is always good for a laugh, but never moreso than around Valentine's Day.

And finally, just because its awesome:

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That's a great version of Theologians.