Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Winter's Tale

Here is our schedule for the next couple of weeks of reading Mark Helprin's A Winter's Tale. We encourage you to read along and to contribute your thoughts and analysis. Sometime tomorrow, I will be posting my thoughts on the first chapter of book 2.

Week of 3/1: Beginning of Book 2 through the end of "Lake of the Cooheries"

Week of 3/8: "In the Drifts"

Week of 3/15: "A New Life" through the end of Book 2

Week of 3/22: Beginning of Book 3 through "An Early Summer Dinner at Petipas"

Week of 3/29: "The Machine Age" through "A Very Short History of the Clouds"

Week of 4/5: "Battery Bridge" through "White Horse and Dark Horse"

Week of 4/12: "The White Dog of Afghanistan" through Ex Machina"

Week of 4/19: "For the Solderies and Sailors of Chelsea" through "The City Alight"

Week of 4/26: "A Golden Age" through the end of the novel


Night Writer said...

I noticed something the other day for the first time. In the introduction to Book 2, Helprin describes the four spiritual "gates" by which the great city is entered, each representing a different character trait. I know that of the significant characters introduced in Book 2, four of them come to New York from other places. As I read along I will be interested to note from which direction each comes and see if the traits match up, or if this is just coincidence.

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